People Watching

She stared out the window watching passersby. Wondering where each one is headed. Her eyes follow a young man walking hurriedly whilst rummaging through his bag. He isn’t paying attention to what is in front of him and his arm aggressively makes contact with a lamp post. His face says it all – right in the funny bone. She can’t help but smirk. Sympathetic in a way, yet smug.

He looks around to see if anyone had seen his encounter, and makes eye contact with her. His eyes widen with embarrassment. She blushes, filling with guilt, hoping that he didn’t see the smile on her face.

As he continues on his way, she notices his path will cross hers. A panic sets in. Is he upset that she found amusement in his discomfort? She hopes he’s not a man of confrontation. She gets up, wanting to leave before he reaches her, but the gap quickly closes. He’s looking right at her and just passes by with a slight nod. Acknowledgement of a moment between them and the panic diminishes, just like that.


I’ve always wanted to be a storyteller. When I was younger I loved to write short stories with the most outrageous characters. Humour was my forte. But these days I don’t even have an imagination. Where did it all go? Did I lose it all or is my brain just blocking it from flowing? 

I have no idea what to do to get inspired. But I still dream of being a storyteller.



If you read anything I ever post on the internet, then you probably know that I absolutely love hockey. This week I got to meet one of the greatest legends in the game, Mr. Hockey himself! If you don’t know who that is, I’m talking about Gordie Howe! He’s was super nice and funny.

Also, one of my favourite players (Sam Gagner) on my favourite team (Edmonton Oilers) got 8 points in one game! He got all three stars of the game and tied a record that Wayne Gretzky and Paul Coffey hold. I was so amazed and excited. And two days later (today) he got 3 more points in a 4-4 game. He then scored in the shootout! This is a really exciting time! Haha.

I Might Have Something To Say For Once

Since I was young, I never really let my deep thoughts out in general conversation. I would always just add to the conversation regarding whatever the topic was. I always veered away from having myself be the centre of attention in conversations. I never enjoyed talking about myself, and to this day I still don’t. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, and realized that it is time to let my thoughts out in the open.

I need to be more open to people, and allow them to know what  is on my mind. Although, this can be very tough since the people in my life are not the best listeners. Everyone is so caught up in their own lives, that mine is pretty insignificant to them. I guess it is what everyone is used to, since I have spent most of my life being the listener and not the talker.

Where can we go from here?
– DP

You can’t say that I didn’t try.

Earlier today, I tried to talk to my mom. I tried to tell her what’s been going on in my life, and how sick I’ve been. You know what happened? She didn’t care. She asked me why I was her child, why I was born. How in the world is that my fault at all? I didn’t ask to be born. I don’t have anyone to talk to. I’ve always known that people generally don’t care about me, but can’t they at least pretend? Especially when I need it for once.

– DP