Comic books


Yesterday, I went to the comic book store to pick up the second issue of Fear Itself: Alpha Flight. Although it was New Comic Book Day, I did not browse through the selection of new arrivals. Fear Itself: Alpha Flight had already been out four a couple of week, and I’ve heard mixed reviews about it. So I had to go pick up a copy for myself to see what all of the fuss was about. I will just leave it at: I was shocked at the content of this issue! I’m also bummed that Fear Itself: Alpha Flight is only an 8-issue limited series. I really hope that Marvel brings back Alpha Flight for good. The comic book world needs more Canada!

What I really meant to discuss in this blog entry was the other comic books that I had ended up purchasing. I was browsing through the recently released comic book section, and noticed Fear Itself: Deadpool #2. The cover of this specific comic book is definitely eye catching. I’d heard good things about Deadpool before, but I had never actually picked up a copy and skimmed through it until yesterday. While reading the introduction to the 3-issue limited series, I had a smirk on my face. Deadpool seemed to be a pretty funny character. I ended up purchasing the first two issues of the Fear Itself: Deadpool series, and I’m stoked for the final instalment that hits shelves next month. Deadpool definitely is not your average ass-kicking superhero. He’s more of an ass-kicking anti-hero conman who cares more about making money than the safety of people who don’t have any super abilities. I really need to read more into this character. He seems to be a good laugh.

– DP


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