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Home Opener!

I’m the type of person to worry and panic when I have a huge plan to execute. I always worry that I’m doing something wrong, and will cause everything to mess up. But last night went smoothly, and was actually a really good time. It was a great feeling knowing nothing went wrong. It was also an even greater feeling when we won. I would say that the home opener was a huge success.

Photo by Chris Relke

I’m really excited for the rest of the season.

Game Stats vs. Victoria Royals (September 23, 2011)

1st period – Anthony Ast (from Cain Franson and Nathan Burns)
2nd period – Marek Tvrdon (from Kiefer McNaughton and James Henry)
2nd period – Cain Franson (from David Musil and Brendan Jensen)
3rd period – Victoria Royals
3rd period – Jordan Martinook (Short-handed)
3rd period – Victoria Royals
3rd period – Dalton Sward (from Nathan Burns and David Musil) (Empty net)

There were a lot of penalties, and I don’t want to type all of them out. Haha.

Happy Hockey Season!
– DP


Would Things Be Different?

I’m quite envious of people who have good relationships with their parents. I mean, I know that no one has a perfect family, but at least some families can actually talk to each other. I can’t have a conversation with my parents without getting yelled at and being told that I’m a terrible and worthless person. My parents don’t even know what my favourite colour is. Therefore I don’t even bother talking to them. It’s not just me either. My sisters walk in and out of this house like no one else lives here. My family isn’t really a family. Just a bunch of people who are related and live in the same space.

Gotta keep searching for the light at the end of the tunnel.
– DP

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Tonight Was The Start of New Things for Me!

I haven’t been doing much with my life lately, and it sucked. But autumn is approaching, and it’s that time of year that most people begin new chapters in their lives. I’m one of those people. Tonight, I volunteered with the Keep A Breast Foundation at the Honda Civic Tour in Vancouver. I had an amazing time, and met so many great people. I also learned a lot more about breast cancer.

I’m also going to be volunteering with the Vancouver Giants Game Crew this upcoming 2011-2012 season. Everyone knows I love hockey, so it’s pretty obvious that I’m really stoked about that.

I really can’t type anymore. I’m exhausted!

Happy September 1st to everyone!!
– DP