Late Night Ramblings of an Insomniac

As I sit here wide awake I think to myself, “Why am I still awake?!” That question drives me crazy. As hard as I try to fall asleep, I can’t. Even if I completely relax and doze off, that only lasts for a couple of hours. Then I am once again wide awake asking myself that question. I wouldn’t mind being wide awake if I actually had something I needed to do, but at the moment I don’t have any tasks that I need to fulfill that don’t involve me leaving my house. It’s also very lonely at this time of night. Since everyone is asleep, I sit here and question who my real friends are. Just kidding, I do that all day long.

Clearly my middle-of-the-night humour needs some work.

Since it’s Monday, I usually would think about what I have to do during the week ahead of me. This week I only have school, no other plans yet. Which is sad. I really want to go to work. Even though it’s a volunteer job, I love it. It’s really fun, and I usually get to work with adorable kids. My co-workers are also great. Maybe I’ll catch another Surrey Eagles game this week. Exciting..

But at least I know that November will be a great month. I’m volunteering at another Keep A Breast event. It’s a wine tasting called We CANCERvive hosted by Simon Fraser University students at the CBC building in downtown Vancouver.

I need to cut this short, my mind is going blank.

Happy Halloween!
– DP


Time Flies

When I was in high school I was really proud of myself. For the first few years I was that student who got good grades even though I didn’t have to try super hard. Taking in information just came easily to me. I was proud of myself because I totally could have slacked off, and left everything to the last minute. I never did that though. My work tactic was to complete everything as soon as possible, so I could make sure that if I didn’t understand something that I could look it up or ask for help.

In  my later years of high school, I started to slack off. None of it mattered to me anymore. I still processed information easily, so I did end up leaving everything to the last minute or not even doing it at all. I became disappointed in myself when other people started to point out that my grades were slipping. Otherwise I had just put it in the back of my mind. I was occupied with other things that I had thought were more important. Now that I’m older, and still don’t have a high school diploma yet, I realize that it was a mistake to think that I had more important things to do.

I’m pretty focused, and doing good in my classes. But I’m still in the transition period where I’m going from doing nothing to actually having a life. It feels really good.

Stay classy,
– DP

Random rant

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Although it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we should all be aware of all cancers. And I when I say aware, I just mean aware. I don’t mean people should obsess over the fact that they may get cancer one day. I just mean to know the facts about cancer. Such as, how to spot it, how to check for it, what the odds are, ways to prevent it, etc. The more people know about the different kinds of diseases and how they can be prevented, then it is simple as that, they just need to know.

I am a proud volunteer of the Keep A Breast Foundation for Canada. The reason I absolutely love and support this foundation is because they get awareness out to teens and young adults. That’s a very important issue: getting teens and young adults educated about things that actually matter. I am nineteen years-old and at my age, I know quite a few people who smoke cigarettes. For me, it’s a touchy subject. I really don’t want to have to tell them that smoking can lead to cancer, because they probably already know that and hear it enough. The thing with young people though, is that when you tell them that doing something is bad, it will make them want to do it even more. But that’s what the Keep A Breast Foundation does. Even though most teens and young adults don’t realize they’re supporting a breast cancer foundation, as they follow the trend they’re helping out a lot. By the trend, I mean “I ❤ boobies” bracelets and shirts.

Stay classy,
– DP


I have the worst attention span ever.

I seriously cannot pay attention to one task for more than ten minutes, and studies say that it takes an average ten to fifteen minutes to refocus after an interruption. For me, it takes way longer than that. Once I’m distracted, I’m gone.

I just demonstrated the perfect example of that. After I had typed out the first few sentences of this entry, I walked away from my laptop and started to remove the nail polish from my fingernails. But now I have refocused, and am attempting to get to the point of my entry. Which is… Something I have seemed to forgotten.

Oh, right. School. That’s what I was getting at. Since I’m currently on the path to earning my high school diploma, something that I have deprived myself of for a year and a half, I have been looking at post-secondary schools to attend. So far, I have found two schools that I’ve put at the top of my list. But I am still on the hunt. I still need to look at schools outside of this province, and maybe even outside of this country. I’ve yet to decide if I want to be far away from home. Most people know that I can get home sick, even though I love travelling and exploring places I’ve never been. I just can’t be away from home for a long period of time.

On a completely unrelated note, the left click button on my laptop’s track pad no longer works properly 😦

– DP