Awkward Days

I feel like today went by as a huge blur. I don’t even remember what I did before the game, but I’ll try to recap.

My day started off really early. I didn’t need an alarm, but I set one anyway. I have absolutely no idea why I had done that since I absolutely hate waking up by an alarm. And why on earth did I set my alarm so early in the morning? I have no idea about that either. I got straight out of bed and decided that I should get ready for my day despite having hours and hours before I actually had to do anything. That was a good decision though, because those hours had passed fairly quickly.

I left for work and it was freezing outside. Actually, I believe it was below freezing. I wanted to go back inside my house and curl up under my warm blankets. I got to work really early, so I decided to check out the Vancouver Canucks outlet store that’s across the street from the rink. They had nothing of interest to me, so I just headed into the arena. Despite being early, I wasn’t the first one there. That was a relief because I probably would have fallen asleep. After almost everyone had arrived, we were given our tasks for the night. I was on Mini Minor duty; my favourite ­čÖé The team was so great and executed their line changes perfectly. That may sound like an easy task, but it really isn’t when you’re six or seven years old. I feel like the game went by so quickly. The home team lost.. Again. But they’ll have a chance to redeem themselves at their next game, I guess..

Stay classy,
xo DP

PS. When I saw this, I freaked out a little bit. Don’t worry, I did catch on to the fact that it’s a false alarm.


Oops, I Missed a Day!

I guess I’ll just have to make one extremely long posts about my past two days.

Yesterday was a pretty good day for me despite it being Friday the 13th. I’m still haunted by April 13, 2010 so whenever the 13th lands on a Friday my anxiety rises quite a bit. Well, that wasn’t the case yesterday! When I woke up I was pretty stoked about the sun shining. That’s always a great thing to see after days of gloomy rainfall. I headed out for my job interview, and it was freezing. I wasn’t as bundled up as I should have been, but it’s whatever. I dropped by the bank before I had to go to my job interview and there was a cute boy in there.. I decided it would be a great idea to just awkwardly stare at him as I waited in line. Yep.

I got through my job interview, and got hired. I’M SO EXCITED THAT I’M FINALLY WORKING AGAIN! It’s my semester break right now, so I’m relieved about not having to stress over other things that I have to remember while I go through my training. I decided to treat myself and buy some new clothes and make up. I can already tell that I will have trouble saving my extra money again.. Haha. When I got home I was trying to decide whether to take a nap or not. I opted out, and left to meet up with some friends for an early dinner before our game.

After dinner we were stuck in traffic and started talking about the weirdest things.. That’s the thing I love most about my friends; we always have the weirdest conversations and things are never boring. I won’t get into what we were talking about, I’ll just say that it involved a news report from Toronto. But we got to work just in time to get briefed on what our tasks were for the night. Work was steady, but the home team lost. And two players both injured their left shoulders in the first period.. HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?! Friday the 13th, that’s how. The team lost pretty bad..

Today I also had a really good day. I grabbed some Starbucks before work and it was delicious. Anyway, it was Tim Hortons Night at the game. Which meant tons of Tim Hortons giveaways.. INCLUDING COFFEE BREWERS! Yeah.. It was intense. We also lost that game, but it was only by one point.

I really should do these entries BEFORE it gets really late and I’m super tired, haha.

Stay classy,
xo DP



How’s that for a clever title?

Anyway, my 20th birthday was an eventful day. It started off with me only getting three hours of sleep. For some reason my brain would not shut off throughout the night. I was restless. But that has been happening a lot lately. I had to wake up early to get my day started. My best friend wanted to go out to lunch for me, so we planned to do so. I was reluctant to leave my house to meet up with her because the Vancouver Canucks were in Boston playing the Bruins and I didn’t want to miss a second of the game. So I watched the first two periods, then headed out during the second intermission so I could catch the third period at her house while she got ready. The Canucks won! (And the Oilers lost, but I won’t get into that because it makes me sad.) As I was sitting and waiting for her to finish getting ready, her mom handed me handfuls of candy! After we were good and ready to go, we headed out to Moxies and had a lovely lunch. She tricked me into ordering a mexican bulldog to myself. But I can’t complain, it was delicious. I promise you that I do not regularly drink tequila at lunch time.

After lunch we had decided to go to the mall. She needed to get her passport photos taken, so we thought it would be a good idea to walk around for a bit. Were we ever wrong. We were extremely full from lunch and were about to fall into food comas. I felt like I wouldn’t ever have to eat again. I was hoping the feeling would pass, because I had to get to work later in the day! I did end up buying myself a birthday present. I bought a black crochet-esque tank top and a white bandeau to wear under it. I wanted to go with a white tank top with a black bandeau, but the white crochet-esque tank top looked too much like a┬ádoily. After being at the mall for a little bit we parted was as I had to head to work.

As I have stated many times, I was super excited for work today. Guy Lafleur was our special guest! I found myself extremely awestruck whenever I was in his presence. Unfortunately I did not get a photo with him. That definitely would have been the cherry on top of my night. Most of the fans in the crowd were great! (I say most because someone threw his cup of beer at one of the visiting players as he was leaving his bench. What a douche. I wanted to yell at him, because the player who was harassed is one of my favourite players in the WHL.. Even though he had two 10-minute misconducts in this game.. Haha.) The building was electric, even when the Mini Minors played. They were so stoked about hearing the cheers from the crowd, and the goalie who got the shutout couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face after. Too adorable! The game was pretty much a gongshow, although I didn’t even get to watch most of it. The night ended with a Read to Succeed signing. That’s always fun.. HA.

Overall, I had a great day.

Stay classy,
xo DP


Today Sucked.. In a Sense.

My mood was fine today. I just felt great. But every situation I was in today ended up not so great.

My day started out with accidentally hitting the “Dismiss” button on my alarm rather than “Snooze.” I ended up sleeping in for three and a half extra hours. It didn’t matter too much, but there were┬áthings that I had wanted to get an early start on. So after I left the house I went to get the screen protector put on my phone at Future Shop, and I also bought a bright pink phone case for it. But when I was given my phone back it was a bit wet, and I took off the battery cover AND THE INSIDE OF IT WAS WET AS WELL. I freaked out a little bit, but then calmed myself down by telling myself that it wasn’t enough liquid to cause any damage (I hope.) Since I was at the mall, I also picked up a couple of little beauty essentials. But I won’t get into that.

After I was finished at the mall, I headed to class. Extremely anxious to get out of the rain. As I was walking through the school parking lot, a mighty gust of wind decided to blow its way along and tried to take my umbrella with it. Thankfully my umbrella is one tough customer and didn’t break. While I was in class my teacher told everyone to hand in a big assignment that I thought was due during our next class. Great. I’m not even close to finished. But more than half of the class didn’t even show up today, so I guess I’ll just stick it in the pile of work that gets handed in by them.

I left school early. I just wasn’t feeling right.

When I got home I turned the WJC semi-final game on. Canada was playing their most hated rival, Russia. We were down 5-1 when I tuned it. That was super heartbreaking to see. And as much as I want to say that I didn’t lose faith, I actually did. That was until the score was 6-3, then I was drawn back into the game. Three goals in half a period isn’t that far of a reach when the team that’s defensively on their toes is getting pretty nervous. Despite an amazing hard-fought third period, the boys fell short. That was tough to watch. Two years in a row. Here’s the goal summary for the third period:

I’m pretty sure every Canadian who watched the game is very proud of the way the boys fought in the third. But I guess there’s always next year.

Stay classy,
xo DP


The First Day of the New Year

I spent my New Year’s Day having a well-deserved lazy day. Over the holidays I didn’t do anything but stress out. Now that school is starting back up in a couple of days, I decided to just let everything go so that I can refresh my body and mind. Although I haven’t been sleeping much for the past few months, I am feeling a little less stressed out. I’ve calmed down and am focusing more on the tasks at hand. Last week I could barely think straight, and it showed quite a bit. I was a little deranged and frantically running around everywhere thinking I was missing something.

For my resolutions this year I am just going to get better at living. In 2011 I was alive, but not really living and enjoying life to its fullest extent. This year I want to do that. I want to take 2012 by the pig tails and spin it in circles then launch it over a fence into a patch of flowers (if you know what I’m talking about, you rock!), and just be in control I guess. Last year I really didn’t care about much. I just did things because I had to, and avoided doing anything that benefited me in nothing but amusement. Yeah, I was pretty boring last year. I’m not even sure why I was such a downer, but I guess I’ll go back to my normal weird/hyper/do-everything-for-no-apparent-reason self. I also want to start playing sports again.. We’ll see how that goes, haha.

Happy new year!
xo DP

PS. I turn 20 in five days, and on that day we’ll be hosting one of our Legend’s Nights at work! I’m so excited. Guy Lafleur is the special guest, and the Giants will be playing the Portland Winterhawks.