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I had an awesome weekend.

There were a ton of events in Vancouver this weekend, and I only went to one of them despite wanting to go to most of them.

The 1975 were in town on Sunday, and just my luck, their lead singer and drummer came into the store I work at while I was working. I got a photo with them and they put me on the guest list for their show! I had an amazing time.


xo DP


Events, Personal

Tonight Was The Start of New Things for Me!

I haven’t been doing much with my life lately, and it sucked. But autumn is approaching, and it’s that time of year that most people begin new chapters in their lives. I’m one of those people. Tonight, I volunteered with the Keep A Breast Foundation at the Honda Civic Tour in Vancouver. I had an amazing time, and met so many great people. I also learned a lot more about breast cancer.

I’m also going to be volunteering with the Vancouver Giants Game Crew this upcoming 2011-2012 season. Everyone knows I love hockey, so it’s pretty obvious that I’m really stoked about that.

I really can’t type anymore. I’m exhausted!

Happy September 1st to everyone!!
– DP