Live for the Weekend

This weekend was really exciting for me. Since I didn’t start school this week, I had a little more extra time off. I wanted to do SOMETHING. I won a contest on Twitter which allowed me to go to Maxim Lapierre’s signing at the Canucks Team Store. That was really exciting. Unfortunately, I had to go alone. When I was on my way home, I was told that Alex Burrows was doing a signing ten minutes away from my house! So I made my way over there only to find out that you had to purchase something from the store that was hosting the signing in order to get a ticket to meet Alex Burrows. I was pretty bummed.

The day after didn’t slow down with meeting of impressive people. At the Giants game, it was Cody Franson night and he was in attendance! I go to meet him as well as Olympic figure skater Patrick Chan! I also ran into Brian Burke and Pat Quinn. I was in awe that night.

I also had a shift at the clothing store I work at on Saturday, and an early Giants game on Sunday. It was a jam packed weekend, and I had a great time.

xo DP



If you read anything I ever post on the internet, then you probably know that I absolutely love hockey. This week I got to meet one of the greatest legends in the game, Mr. Hockey himself! If you don’t know who that is, I’m talking about Gordie Howe! He’s was super nice and funny.

Also, one of my favourite players (Sam Gagner) on my favourite team (Edmonton Oilers) got 8 points in one game! He got all three stars of the game and tied a record that Wayne Gretzky and Paul Coffey hold. I was so amazed and excited. And two days later (today) he got 3 more points in a 4-4 game. He then scored in the shootout! This is a really exciting time! Haha.

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The Holidays

As I get older, the material aspect of the holidays seems to become way less significant. When I was younger, the amount of presents I got was always compared to the amount my sisters and cousins got. It was a bit of a competition. Now that I’m in my last two weeks of my teenage years, getting gifts doesn’t matter. What matters most to me is being able to connect with the people in my bloodline; to have a healthy relationship with my family members, direct and extended.

When I was younger I was always alienated from my cousins and siblings. I never really fit in with any of them. They all thought that I was weird, and I got picked on. Things are still the same to this day, but now they’re used to it and I’m not as strange to them as they used to think.

But, in my case, the holidays aren’t about Christmas or New Year’s or my birthday. The holidays are about the World Junior Hockey Championship! Yes. It’s what I look forward to most this time of year. Last year I had to hide from everyone because I was bawling my eyes out when we lost gold. Yep, I cried over a hockey game. But if you watch me watch a Team Canada game you will probably laugh, watch intently, or leave the area. I get pretty intense. This tournament takes a hold of my emotions and steers them in every possible direction. I love being Canadian.

Happy holidays!
xo DP

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Home Opener!

I’m the type of person to worry and panic when I have a huge plan to execute. I always worry that I’m doing something wrong, and will cause everything to mess up. But last night went smoothly, and was actually a really good time. It was a great feeling knowing nothing went wrong. It was also an even greater feeling when we won. I would say that the home opener was a huge success.

Photo by Chris Relke

I’m really excited for the rest of the season.

Game Stats vs. Victoria Royals (September 23, 2011)

1st period – Anthony Ast (from Cain Franson and Nathan Burns)
2nd period – Marek Tvrdon (from Kiefer McNaughton and James Henry)
2nd period – Cain Franson (from David Musil and Brendan Jensen)
3rd period – Victoria Royals
3rd period – Jordan Martinook (Short-handed)
3rd period – Victoria Royals
3rd period – Dalton Sward (from Nathan Burns and David Musil) (Empty net)

There were a lot of penalties, and I don’t want to type all of them out. Haha.

Happy Hockey Season!
– DP