The Holidays

As I get older, the material aspect of the holidays seems to become way less significant. When I was younger, the amount of presents I got was always compared to the amount my sisters and cousins got. It was a bit of a competition. Now that I’m in my last two weeks of my teenage years, getting gifts doesn’t matter. What matters most to me is being able to connect with the people in my bloodline; to have a healthy relationship with my family members, direct and extended.

When I was younger I was always alienated from my cousins and siblings. I never really fit in with any of them. They all thought that I was weird, and I got picked on. Things are still the same to this day, but now they’re used to it and I’m not as strange to them as they used to think.

But, in my case, the holidays aren’t about Christmas or New Year’s or my birthday. The holidays are about the World Junior Hockey Championship! Yes. It’s what I look forward to most this time of year. Last year I had to hide from everyone because I was bawling my eyes out when we lost gold. Yep, I cried over a hockey game. But if you watch me watch a Team Canada game you will probably laugh, watch intently, or leave the area. I get pretty intense. This tournament takes a hold of my emotions and steers them in every possible direction. I love being Canadian.

Happy holidays!
xo DP