Social Networks

People on the Internet

I don’t know where to start with this, or where I even plan on going with this, but I need to start somewhere.

There are certain people on the internet who are just doing it wrong. Absolutely wrong. You’re probably thinking, “Who is she to say that someone is using the internet incorrectly?!” Well, I’m not sure where I stand in the superiority rank, but from my standpoint I will say what I want. And here is where I start my story:

I’ve been an avid internet user since the age of twelve, but had my first email account when I was eight so that I could have a Neopets account. And by now, I know how things work on the world wide web. (Although people may say that I am a hypocrite since I am appalled at the fact that twelve year-olds are on social networking websites today.) I started social networking when I was twelve. I don’t know why I was on social networking websites, when I did not talk to anyone that I did not know in person. I guess I just thought that I was cool. Yup, that’s probably it. But anyway, people on the internet these days are really pushing things. There are no boundaries anymore, and everyone seems to get away with anything. There are the straight up creeps, the annoying spammers, the trolls, and the people who are just desperate to become “internet famous”. How sad is that?

When I started social networking, I would get offended over any little thing. But now, since I’ve been using them for so long, I tend to be on the trolling side of things. Well, not really. But I’m close enough. I mean, it’s always fun to have a good laugh, right? I’m pretty much able to laugh anything off, or just not care in general. It’s pretty hard to take thing son the internet seriously these days. Take myself for example, my Twitter description is ridiculous. But hey, if anyone actually believes it, then they probably live a sad, internet deprived life. Or they’re just too humourless to understand sarcasm.

Stay classy,
xo DP