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I’m always so bitter and angry toward everyone else, but I actually only really hate myself.


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Improving Myself

There are a few things that I need to do to better myself this year. I know, I know, resolutions are planned but never really accomplished. So this is just a simple to do list. I’m turning 24 in a week and it’s time for me to grow up.

  1. I need to get better at handling my finances. I need to stop indulging in luxuries and be my frugal. This is going to be the biggest thing, because I am awful with my money.
  2. I need to make healthier choices. I don’t mean that I need to hit the gym (even though I do), because I won’t do that. I just need to watch what and how much I eat. It’s pretty easy for me to watch what I eat because I’m not a picky eater. The tough part is how much I eat >.<
  3. I need to fall in love with a hobby again. I need to find something to do with my spare time rather than sit at home and watch YouTube videos.

I need to keep reminding myself to work on being better. It won’t happen unless I actively do something.


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New Year, New Me

I hate it when people say that… Because I know that no one follows through with most of their resolutions. But for 2016 I know what I really want to do with myself, and I’ve been trying for a while.

I need to re-ignite the passion inside me for the things that I know I love doing.

I’m not sure if I am just plain lazy or if I’m just patiently waiting to die. I just don’t have any hobbies anymore. I don’t partake in anything. I go to work, I come home, I check my social media, then I go to bed. That literally is my every day life. Same damn thing, every damn day.

I want to take photos again. I want to write. I want to read more books. I have time for it all. I need to stop saying that I don’t.

I know who I want to be. I need to make it happen.


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What Happened?

I used to be someone who didn’t cry at funerals, or because I missed someone, or when I was sad in general. I basically didn’t have emotions. I want to go back to that.

I am more than ok with not being sad about anything.

These days I am an emotional wreck. I cry even when something sad happens while I’m watching the Disney Channel.

Make it stop.



I’ve been neglecting this blog.

I’ve been pretty busy lately. I’ve barely had time to myself this month, and if I did it was spent sleeping. The month started off with a Giants game against the Medicine Hat Tigers. Nothing really exciting.

The morning after that, a friend and I boarded a Greyhound bus to Kelowna. I can’t sleep on moving vehicles so the ride up to Kelowna was very uncomfortable for me, since we left at 6 AM and I was extremely tired. After we checked into our hotel, we went across the street to get some sushi. We weren’t even in the area for five minutes, and I had run into someone I knew! My cousin was at the restaurant we went to. How weird, right? Anyway, after we ate we went for a walk. It was a nice day out, a little chilly, but that wasn’t too bad. We ended up at Prospera Place and went to the Rockets store where I bought a jersey to wear to the game that night. On our way back to the hotel, we saw a sports collectibles store and went in. We spent almost an hour in there looking for Todd Bertuzzi collectibles for my friend; she’s a huge fan. I also bought some Oilers pins. When we got back to the hotel, I decided to take a nap. That lasted less than twenty minutes! I had a headache, so we went to Shoppers to get me some Tylenol. That held my beast of a headache back until we got to the game. The PA system at Prospera is extremely loud.. Or it could be the same volume but just seems louder because the building is smaller than what we were used to and the sound had no where but our ears to travel to. The Rockets won! Yay. I was hungry, of course, after the game so we went to a pub to grab a bite. :3 I enjoy eating. Anyway, the day we we headed home, we stopped by the mall before catching our Greyhound. I bought a new phone case. Zebra print! Duh. The bus ride home wasn’t as uncomfortable because I wasn’t tired. OH, BY THE WAY, THE PLACE WE GOT BREAKFAST FROM WAS WONDERFUL. OMG.

The day after I got home I didn’t have to go to school because the teachers were on strike for three days. But I did have to go to work. I was excited to have a day off and get some sleep! But it was only one day. And after that I was back at it. I had a shift at the store, and there was a Giants game. That game was Evander Kane night. He was inducted into our Ring of Honour and certain lucky fans got bobbleheads!

The next day, the strike was over so I had to go back to class. It went by quickly, and before I knew it spring break was here! Just our luck. More shifts at work for me!

We got in a big shipment of transfers and new seasonal stuff. There was so much to do. But I had the Giants game to look forward to afterward. I always look forward to Giants games! I love hockey.

Stay classy,
xo DP