Two Thousand Fourteen

Let’s start this post off sour; 2014 was a shitty year for me. There were some really good highlights, but in general it was horrid. I never felt good about anything or anyone.

This year that is going to change. I am going to make 2015 a good year. I am going to pick myself up whenever I fall instead of staying down. I can do it. I know I can.


I can’t say that I’ve lived a similar life to Howard W. Campbell Jr.

But I sure can relate to how he views certain aspects of life.

“It’s all I’ve seen, all I’ve been through,” I said, “that makes it damn nearly impossible for me to say anything. I’ve lost the knack of making sense. I speak gibberish to the civilized world, and it replies in kind.”
(Howard W. Campbell Jr. fromĀ Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut)

I’m So Empty.

I have run out of every thing that makes a person whole. I am out of love, out of passion, out of patience. I have no idea where to go from here. I have been trying so hard to make friends, to open myself up to people. I just wish I had a friend. Even just one. Sitting in my room day in and day out is extremely lonely and depressing. Whenever I try to enter a social circle, I am told that I am wasting my time. I should not even try. Everyone gets sick of me quick. I miss the life I used to live. The life that hurt me, but at least I had temporary highs more than the constant lows I am going through now. I can’t even remember the last time I actually enjoyed my time and didn’t feel like it was being wasted. Actually, I do; June 14, 2013. It was the last day that I could remember my heart filling up with love and joy. It is just so amazing how something like a band can make you feel a little less alone and a little more alive. I was alone that day and I sat at the back of the concert hall. But I was still so happy.

It is somewhat devastating to realize that I have not actually felt that way in over a year. I do not think that I have connected with anything in such a long time to even feel anything effective. Nothing really has made me feel properly. I just feel sadness and emptiness. I need something to make me feel like I can go outside and actually enjoy my day. I need someone who will not shrug me off and actually remember that I exist. I need to find a way to be whole again.

The Audacity of Some People…

I have never understood how some people can walk into a situation where they are perceived as arrogant, realise that they are making others uncomfortable, then continue on doing it.

Yesterday when I went to grab a coffee, some guy sitting outside of the coffee shop said, “Hey sweetheart, do you have a lighter?” First of all, don’t call me sweetheart, you creep. I quickly told him no and went inside. I was hoping that by the time I had my coffee and went back outside he would have been gone. Nope, that was not the case. I was subjected to crude comments and cat calls as I walked away.

Is it really that hard to keep your mouth shut and leave someone alone?

It’s a Miss.

I’ve been missing out a lot on life lately, so I’ve decided that I won’t be around for much longer. I don’t have anything in common with anyone in my life so I don’t really get to enjoy much. I mean, I could go to concerts or other events alone, but I just feel so embarrassed being there by myself.

I already missed a concert I’ve been waiting pretty much all summer to see because the thought of showing up alone was shameful. I’m going to miss out on one of my favourite band’s 10 year anniversary this weekend because no one I know listens to the same music that I do. I haven’t been to a concert that I actually wanted to go to in such a long time. I’ve bought tickets to some that I didn’t even show up to.

It’s all just a waste. My whole life was a waste.

Things I need:

I need people to stop telling me to go to school and that I’m wasting my life away. I know that I’m a waste of space and that I have nothing going for me. I know that I will never amount to anything. I rarely leave my bedroom aside from going to work or to the occasional outing with my one friend. I don’t even know why I have a job. The position I hold can easily go to someone who actually needs it. What do I spend money on? I buy clothes that sit in my closet and gather dust because I never wear them. Why would I need to, I don’t go anywhere. I have a phone that I don’t talk to anyone on. I check my social media, but I don’t even have many followers on them. No one gives a fuck.

I need to stop feeling so lonely. There’s nothing worse that waking up in the morning and dreading having to leave my house. Even worse than that is knowing that I have to have small talk with people at work. Holding back telling people that you want to die every time they ask how you are is actually really hard. Things are so bad that I don’t even know how to talk to people anymore. I can’t hold even the simplest conversation.

I need a different health problem. Anything would be better than the one I have.