Personal, Random rant

Why do birds insist on screeching so early in the morning?

For the past couple of weeks I was doing really well on the whole sleeping thing. But of course the night before an important day, I just can’t seem to slumber. I have no idea what’s going on with me. I’ve been up all night listening to Our Last Night, The Wanted, and Austin Mahone; playing Minecraft, The Simpsons Tapped Out, and Spider Solitaire; and reading the Discovery tab on Twitter. I’ve yawned maybe twice all night, and have yet to even feel sleepy. Which is so weird, because usually when I stay up all night I’m just procrastinating on my sleep and those things tend to wear me down and help me fall asleep.

My alarm clock is supposed to go off in an hour. I won’t be surprised if exhaustion hits me right before then. This whole ordeal just makes me even more nervous for my day than I already was.

Carpe diem, I guess!


Late Night Ramblings of an Insomniac

As I sit here wide awake I think to myself, “Why am I still awake?!” That question drives me crazy. As hard as I try to fall asleep, I can’t. Even if I completely relax and doze off, that only lasts for a couple of hours. Then I am once again wide awake asking myself that question. I wouldn’t mind being wide awake if I actually had something I needed to do, but at the moment I don’t have any tasks that I need to fulfill that don’t involve me leaving my house. It’s also very lonely at this time of night. Since everyone is asleep, I sit here and question who my real friends are. Just kidding, I do that all day long.

Clearly my middle-of-the-night humour needs some work.

Since it’s Monday, I usually would think about what I have to do during the week ahead of me. This week I only have school, no other plans yet. Which is sad. I really want to go to work. Even though it’s a volunteer job, I love it. It’s really fun, and I usually get to work with adorable kids. My co-workers are also great. Maybe I’ll catch another Surrey Eagles game this week. Exciting..

But at least I know that November will be a great month. I’m volunteering at another Keep A Breast event. It’s a wine tasting called We CANCERvive hosted by Simon Fraser University students at the CBC building in downtown Vancouver.

I need to cut this short, my mind is going blank.

Happy Halloween!
– DP