I Was Expecting to Have a Great Time

My family vacation started out with spending a night in Washington to regroup after a 3 and a half hour drive. The morning after, we all packed up the cars once again and headed out for the rest of the drive to the Oregon Coast. That drive felt super long. There were a couple of areas (Portland and Tigard) that had us sitting in traffic for a while. I was trying so hard to keep myself from tanning in the car. Last year I received a very awkward tan line on my arm from sitting in Seattle’s traffic for just 20 minutes!

The actual time spent at the beach house was alright. It was really cold, and I ended up getting hives when I went out in the wind. It was also really foggy a lot of the time. To a point where we couldn’t see 8 feet in any direction. I ended up staying inside most of the time and watching the Disney Channel. I really wanted to hit up mini golf or even a driving range, but my cousin threw a hissy fit when it was mentioned. That was lame. There wasn’t much to do on the Oregon Coast anyway. I’m not of-age in the US, so I couldn’t go to the casino or bar. Even if I were legal down there, I probably wouldn’t have gone to those places anyway. I barely ever go to those places when I’m home where I’m legal. After the beach house, we headed to Salem to have lunch at a Thai restaurant owned by a family friend. The food was delicious. After lunch, we headed to a shopping outlet in Woodburn. We shopped for about four hours. I was so tired, but got twopairs of oxfords for $30 so I was happy.

After shopping at the outlet, we headed back to Washington to regroup again and stay another night. I hit the sack pretty early. I was so tired from travelling and shopping all day. Packing my suitcase was so tough. While we were at the beach house, since I had nothing else to do, I reorganized it to fill up all the space I had left for things that I would buy. Huge mistake! I was too lazy to reorganize it again after I had gone shopping. After we finished shopping in Washington, we packed up the cars and began to head home around 7:30 PM.

For once, I was so excited and happy to be home. Usually I’m very reluctant to leave Washington.

Happy travels!
– DP